I can laugh at myself and you.

People who write blogs are full of themselves. Hi, I’m Nikki and this is my new blog. As I was saying, people who write blogs are full of themselves, much like the family member who sends a newsletter inside Christmas cards. (“Happy Holidays! We are great! amazing!! couldn’t be better!!!”)
Those end-of-the-year updates tend to be cheezy and fluffed-up to portray a near-perfect, Norman Rockwell life, and are often accompanied by a photo of everyone smiling and looking neat. (why do we smile for every photo?? how and why did this social phenomenon start?? and if we all say “Cheese!” how are we ‘capturing the moment?’)
I don’t plan on being a grumpy old woman until later in life, so I will say this: Despite the fact that I make fun of them, I enjoy reading holiday newsletters. I especially enjoy reading blogs, and more so, writing them. 
If I wasn’t lazy, I would write-up a heart-felt yet glossed-over summary of my “great! amazing!! couldn’t be better!!!” year and put it inside Christmas cards. If I wasn’t lazy, I would even buy Christmas cards to send out.
But if you’re still reading, here are a few updates from my little corner of the world: First, as you may notice, I am writing on a new blog. I like the features of WordPress better than the last website, so I switched sides. (I’ve been known to do that anyway.)
We live in Tulsa now. I work in an autism class and am getting my teaching certificate because 1.) Special Education has always been a passion of mine. and 2.) my degree in being a college athlete AKA Family and Consumer Science wasn’t offering many other career choices.
Laura (it’s pronounced Loud- uh) and I coach a u-16 girls soccer team together. We make a good pair because Loud-uh has a lot of knowledge and I’m really good at yelling until people do what I say. (thanks for teaching me that, John Walker.) Maggie is growing taller and smarter everyday and is ready to start Kindergarten next fall. She can already do simple math, read and write several words. She wants to be a cheerleader. I will support her in whatever she does, although I cringe at the thought of sitting with a bunch of cheerleader moms. (what are they going to think when they see I can’t put her hair in a ponytail without leaving a few bumps?!)
Life if full of challenges, and we have not gone without our share of them. Maggie is having a difficult time learning to leave the room when she passes gas. It’s amazing what sounds and smells such tiny bodies can produce. Though I accept her for who she is, I am willing and prepared to shame her out of this bad habit.  (Afterall, isn’t that the American way?!) 
Also, language continues to be a barrier in our household. English is Laura’s second language (her name is pronounced Loud-uh!). The other day she told me, “let’s go to warm-up!” I got my running gear on and was ready to exercise but,  Why hadn’t she changed? And why was she rolling her eyes at me? “No! No! Warm-up!,” she said. “I need to go to Warm-up!!  to buy milk and toothpaste!” oooooooooooh  Wal-mart.
Here is our first attempt at a Christmas photo. I wasn’t ready. Why was Laura rushing me?…